How We Work

One solution to cover your whole portfolio

We passionately believe that the only way to serve our clients properly is by delivering a consistently high level of service and by understanding our client’s lifestyles and assets. This cannot be done by an army of “operators” located on a different continent.

All of our clients have access to professional private client managers who can be contacted directly by telephone or email. All Quantum client managers are capable of efficiently dealing with the insurance for a suite of assets.

We facilitate consolidating all of your insurable assets into a single portfolio. By consolidating all of your insurable assets into a single portfolio, it enables us to package multiple risks with a single insurer. This means one annual insurance premium, and one renewal date, eliminating the need to keep abreast of multiple policies. It may also help to reduce your annual premium.

Your account manager will guide you through this process and ensure the selected cover is appropriate to your requirements. In all, your portfolio will create a single policy for all of your personal possessions with one renewal date.

Who we serve

We focus on the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. Quantum professionals understand the complexities of risks that come with owning multiple homes, cars and items of value. That’s why we have designed our business to meet the array of covers with discretion and professionalism.

Whether you are a business owner, a successful professional or if you have retired, you are likely to prefer a high level of personal service from a partner that understands your assets and lifestyle. Our clients tend to have similar characteristics which can include:

  • Living in desirable properties and areas
  • Having homes that are fitted and furnished with high quality items
  • Possessing higher value belongings across a broad range of categories
  • Driving prestigious cars
  • Owning more than one property

We offer all prospective clients a complimentary review which can be conducted at your home, your office or over the phone at a time to suit you. Investing a little time in your personal review could remove the unnecessary exposure created by an inappropriate insurance solution.

Contact us now on 0203 137 5087 or email